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Zeale – Wake Hell or Make Peace EP (2012) | Album Review

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Zeale – Wake Hell or Make Peace EP (2012) | Album Review

Where to start with this EP? First of all, the title of it is almost as clever as his some of his lyrics. Wake Hell or Make Peace starts off with “Black Mr. Rogers”, which is a pretty catchy tune, then my personal favorite, “Frenemy” is a tribute to all the haters out there. My favorite flow on it goes “Pause, you’re an imposter, it sucks cause you used to be number one on my roster” haha! We all have that friend and it’s a lyric and a song everyone can relate to.

Then it goes to “Whomp!”, which serves as a self-motivational track which I blast at full volume everytime it comes on. Next is “Halo” which is pretty chill, and sounds a bit Drake-ish. It then ends with “Hope Dies”, which he just released a video for and features Patricia Lynn of The Soldier Thread with an ever so captivating hook. That track involves real real talk. He was going for an NPR feel, “Not all the gloss-over bullshit news”, stated Zeale. He touches subjects such as world tragedies, poverty, and war, which is something I truly respect because those are issues that I feel every young influential artist should be expressing their views about. For it being only an EP release, it sure got me anticipating the full-length album.

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