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Weezer – Hurley (2010)

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Weezer – Hurley (2010)

Rivers Cuomo has finally done it. He has finally discovered the formula to write quick, up tempo songs that make your toe tap. At what cost though? Gone are the heartfelt, emotion laden songs of “No Other One” on Pinkerton (a song about a man’s struggle to commit to a relationship), and the slick production values of the Green album a la “Oh Girlfriend”(where every song on the album has guitars and vocal harmonies placed correctly).

Now, we’re stuck with “ Where’s My Sex?”. Excuse me, you say? The title says it all; Weezer as writers and performers no longer truly care what this used to be about : meaningful, heavy, melody driven rock music. Every song on Hurley is more like a stale marriage, they go through the motions and though musically viable, has absolutely no connection to the listener. Cuomo has even resorted to using famous co-writers(such as Ryan Adams and No Doubt’s Tony Kanal) to help his tired hand slog through another three minute bender on being rad.

The lead single “Memories” provides the perfect example for lack of substance that Weezer now thrives on. Step one, write catchy chorus, check. Step two, write mind numbingly dumb lyrics, check. Step three, yell at points to make sure audience gets you’re actually trying to make a point, check. And finally have as many self references as possible, as employed by the likes of Limp Bizkit. If Weezer keeps following these steps, we could be graced by “Memories 2: Use Your Lolusion” by next year. We can only hope.

by: Daniel Stone
RATING: 6 out of 10

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