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Interviews @ Warped Tour 2011

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Interviews @ Warped Tour 2011


What comes to the blistering hot, great state of Texas every summer and is the longest running concert tour in North America? We’ll if you didn’t know, it’s the Warped Tour dammit!

The Warped Tour has been going on for 17 years and is still going strong. We were lucky to be able to cover it this year with such a short notice. We know it’s not an Austin Festival Austinites, but it’s a great tour with a lot of history and is too huge of a tour to not cover it. I’m sure you fans that missed it will be happy being that Warped doesn’t come to Austin.

We went with the purpose of covering this great tour and to check out some of ATX Music Mag’s favorites that were on the tour. Those bands included Less Than Jake, Pepper, The Expendables, Street Dogs and Against Me! We ended up catching interviews with most of those bands, plus a few bonus surprises.

Along with those bands, we retrieved interviews with the likes of Relient K, Simple Plan, Grieves, Weerd Science, Passafire, and Freshman 15.

Other notable bands we got to catch were Hello Goodbye, Lionize, and local punk rockers No Champions who were featured in our 2nd Issue (April – June 2011).

In the following pages, we are releasing our interview with Kevin Lyman and video interviews that we retrieved from the weekend in Texas. Enjoy the photos, videos, and the funny outtakes. We’d also like to thank Bethany, the on-site publicist for lining up most of the interviews!

Warped Tour Video Interviews

Simple Plan Interview

Relient K Interview

Grieves Interview

Passafire Interview

Weerd Science Interview

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