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Album Review: The Dirty Panties – I Am A Robot (2013)

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Album Review: The Dirty Panties – I Am A Robot (2013)


The Dirty Panties! Can you really argue with that? I wish I came up with that name for my band. Anyways, this all female punk rock quartet hails from sunny Las Vegas and has been playing for give or take 10 years. I’m not their biographer, but I can tell you that listening to this album, I Am A Robot, is like hitting on a chick, taking a shot of jager, then getting kicked in the balls. Fucking loved it! The first studio album debuts on SquidHat Records, and has everything you want in a great record.

Creativity, energy, and precision all reflect this long overdue answer to corporate punk and other assholes. “Confighted” starts the album with a solid driving riff that definitely catches your attention. The third track “Wet” totally just takes the party to shot mode with its high-pulse tempo and ass kicking breakdowns. It’s definitely one of many favorites of the record.

The title track, “I Am A Robot”, was the standout to me. It has this psychedelic intro, that then just further escalates into a full on mosh pit! Then there’s the classic “Pretty In Pink” that blends a flawless mix of melody and ferocity. A fucking sing-along for sure.


Listen, I could further elaborate on each track, but I’ll wrap it up so you can check it out yourself. The band is genuine, talented, incomparable and original. Unforgettable vocals, impeccable baselines, shredding riffs, and delivers ridiculous technicality on the drums, so it pretty much has something for everyone.

They’ll also be playing Punk Rock Bowling in their hometown of Las Vegas this year along with our homies and local Austin favorites, Lower Class Brats, and they’ll be supporting headliners like, Bad Religion, Devo, and Black Flag.

Stay tuned for more updates and Dirty Panty info on their website, And believe me, if you ever see them on a bill near you, you best go check them out or you’re fucking up. Ya heard!!!

Writer: Lupi G 3


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