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The Dalles – My Own Private White House (2012)

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The Dalles – My Own Private White House (2012)

First impression, southern flavored indie-rock meets Dire Straits with solid guitar slides and interesting country choruses. “Aint Teaching Me Anything” is the song I tuned into, and it’s a solid southern marinated jam dipped head first into some interesting guitar work.

Next up was a track known as “Wanderlust”, and it dispenses some phat drumming, quick snaps and snare hits, while the story evokes a man who is self medicating to escape the complication of a failed romance. The 90’s nostalgia of yesteryear is ever present in “White House”, which to me summoned Soundgarden, Ever-clear, with some monster guitar tone. Finally, “Pocketknife”, a brave and eerie tune, displays a darker quality with some pain swallowed back in the form of a whiskey shot. The lyrics shout, “Life hits you in the cheek, and the world turns” and I can’t help but to consider that themes of the cruelties of life, dealing and absorbing painful situations are being animated in a bittersweet tale.

As a first time listener, I’m rather proud to have their tracks as part of my music catalog because I do not have nearly enough music similar to Dalles on the pallet.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Reviewer: Cane-O

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