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Soundcloud Confirms DJ Mixes Will Not Be Flagged, & Remixes…


Soundcloud Confirms DJ Mixes Will Not Be Flagged, & Remixes…


Today is a good day for DJ’s all around. Eric Wahlforss, co-founder of Soundcloud, confirmed that copyright infringement issues with DJ mixes has been settled.

“Previously, because you could only legally upload DJ mixes to SoundCloud if you had the rights to all the tracks in the mix, at the instigation of the owners of the rights we had to take down mixes with copyrighted material. During the negotiations for SoundCloud Go, we achieved agreement with collecting societies like GEMA in Germany, making these problems a thing of the past – even for users who do not subscribe. This means that DJ mixes are now legal and problem-free.” – Eric Wahlforss

After months of negotiations with Spotify, they will remain independent for the time being. Rumor is that Spotify was at risk of losing stock value if they acquired Soundcloud due to numerous expiring short term licensing deals, therefore both parties suspended talks for a future date.

Although DJ mixes are now allowed, remixes are not as far as we know. Don’t be the guinea pig that gets a strike. Unless you’re like Ookay and manage to get Soundcloud to reverse your exile, you’re probably not ok. hehe

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