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Rebelution “Peace of Mind Tour 2012”


Rebelution “Peace of Mind Tour 2012”

Santa Barbara natives Rebelution made their mark at Stubbs BBQ on February 10th, yet again. With a sold out crowd this could have possibly turned into a two night show.

The release of their latest album “Peace of Mind” generates a reggae rock fusion sound. Lead singer Eric Rachmany’s vocals carry on a smooth sound that keeps every song catchy.

As bassist Marley Williams danced around and strummed that first chord, the stage quickly filled up with smoke. Not only playing songs off their latest album like, “Sky Is the Limit”, tracks were played off “Bright Side of Life” and “Courage to Grow” as well.

This was a night with no worries and good music. Rebelution is more than just your typical reggae band. With their captivating songs and keen attitude towards their fan base, their collaboration is one of a kind.

Interview with WESLEY FINLEY (Drummer)

ATXMM: REBELUTION is an interesting name…. Who came up with it ?

FINLEY: It was just a play on words with the terms revolution and rebel. We had the goal to put a positive spin on the word rebel, change in the name of good. It was short and catchy and has seemed to work!

ATXMM: How do you guys tour? By van, bus, plane, managers station wagon?

FINLEY: We tour by bus, ten guys on a metal spaceship on wheels. Whenever we get to our destination we try to get out and do things since we’re so cooped up. We also tow a big trailer with our gear and merchandise, which recently caught on fire in Boston.

ATXMM: Where has been your favorite place to play on your current tour thus far, and which destination do you always look forward to playing?

FINLEY: Those answers are one and the same – The Norva in Virginia. It’s a really nice venue with an accommodating staff, and the backstage has a hot tub, sauna, basketball court, laundry, etc. Every band looks forward to it on their tour guaranteed.

ATXMM: Beer vs. Liquor?

FINLEY: There’s a time and place for both. I love IPAs and brown ales but if I’m looking for a buzz before the show I’ll make a vodka mixer.

ATXMM: 80’s hair metal vs. 90’s grunge movement?

FINLEY: 90’s grunge was more serious and had a more lasting impact but 80’s hair metal can be fun for a moment.

ATXMM: Playstation vs Xbox?

FINLEY: Original Nintendo. Everything else takes up too much time when you should be outside.

ATXMM: The song “ feeling alright” seems to be a fan favorite..i really enjoy your music writing on “green to black” also. Did growing up in Santa Barbara influence your reggae style, and if not, what exactly was it?

FINLEY: Santa Barbara definitely has a decent reggae scene. There would be bigger roots-reggae acts coming through the club scene and then there would be cover/young bands like us playing in the college area. Living by the ocean in California also adds to the influence.

ATXMM: What other influences do you have that might not be so quick to understand when listening to a REBELUTION track?

FINLEY: To be honest, in my own time I don’t listen to a lot of reggae. I personally listen to a lot of heavy rock or underground hip-hop. I’d like to think that those influences come through in my drumming by not being conventional.

ATXMM: What’s your take on the Austin Music Scene, or just the city in general?

FINLEY: The Austin music scene is alive and kicking! We love coming to Austin for many reasons: the wide music variety, great food, and many interesting bars and nightlife destinations. We look forward to rocking Stubb’s again on this tour which never gets old.

ATXMM: Any Shout outs?

FINLEY: Yeah big ups to Stubb’s for having us back, our agent and Austin resident Aaron Pinkus for booking us there, Episode Phive for always taking great photos of the show, and local band Subrosa Union for keeping it real!

Story by: Lazarus
Interview by: Jorge Cano

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