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NOFX – Self/Entitled (2012)

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NOFX – Self/Entitled (2012)

When I heard NOFX was coming out with a new album, I instantly became anxious; also I found interesting that they were going to release it on September 11th.

As I’m listening, I noticed that the album is a very dark one. It starts of with a song “72 hookers”, which clearly refers to what the Jihad assholes think they get in the afterlife; I liked this song as the start of the album. Some other favorites were “Cell Out” which talks about him being a sell out I’m guessing, but the song really rocks; “My Sycophant Others” which is about how people should stop kissing his ass and that he doesn’t need a bigger ego; and probably one of my favorites of the album, “I Believe in Goddess” has a riff unlike any I’ve heard from NOFX- very unconventional and awesome.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid album. Just don’t expect a Ribbed- or a Punk in Drublic-like showing; it’s different. Just like every album has it’s own identity, so does this one…very dark in my opinion. The guitar work and vocals are really dominant in this album and it might take some time getting used to, but it’s a good one.

Overall, I enjoyed what was being expressed; but since Fat Mike asks for it and since being a sycophant isn’t the goal, I’ll give it a 6.5 out of 10. But the rating doesn’t really matter, you’ll enjoy it if you’re willing to accept the evolution of the band, lyrically anyway.

Rating: 6.5
Review by: Cool Arrow

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