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Muse – The Resistance (2010)

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Muse – The Resistance (2010)

The Grammys gave these guys “Best Rock Album” of 2010 over Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Mojo”? Rock Blasphemy! Sure, Muse puts on entertaining shows, but if any band has thousands of dollars backing them up in light shows, they would have to extremely suck to put on a crappy show.

These guys are decent musicians, but it just sounds like vampire music, straight up! You can actually sync “The Resistance” with the 1987 vampire classic, The Lost Boys, and it’s like another “Dark Side of the Rainbow” (Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” synced with The Wizard of Oz) ensemble. I think they’re calling this one, “The Muse Boys”. In order to see it with “The Resistance” being exactly synced with the movie, you must start the album as soon as the WB logo appears in the clouds as the movie is starting. It’s a must see kids!

by: JERM
RATING: 5.0 out of 10

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