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We sat down with the boys of LOUDPVCK, Kenny Beats and Ryan Marks, at their Road to Euphoria show at Vulcan Gas Company presented by Euphoria,  Prime + Deaf Productions.

The DJ duo met over their mutual respect for good cannabis and insane parties back in 2009 at Berklee College of Music. Since then, LOUDPVCK has progressed from two guys playing around with beats, to breaking out of set genres and creating hybrid sounds to redefine the ordinary. The rowdy trap team recalls how the name LOUDPVCK came about. Kenny identifies it as a “a slang term” because your friends may know what it means and your mom may not,and they like the subtlety of that. Ryan portrays LOUDPVCK as, “a double entendre… it’s like a crazy party with all your friends”. From the Road to Euphoria show, it’s fair to say that their music lives up to their name.

With new emerging genres and creative collaborations, the duo emits a unique sound of their own. These days one of their favorite parts of performing is trying out fresh music for the audience. The slowed down, but not slow-paced vibes are evident in their newest EP, Guess Who feat. 12th Planet. With erratic drops and rap-inspired lyrics, the song is sure to evoke a party. The connection between the two DJ’s and the audience is also a significant part of a LOUDPVCK performance. Often times, Kenny and Ryan are rallying as hard as the crowd; passing the occasional blunt or two is not an unusual occurrence with the guys.

You can check these two out at the upcoming Euphoria Festival at Carson Creek Ranch on April 7-10, and who knows you might even get to spark one up with them. Joining the guys at Euphoria are headliners, including Dillon Francis, Above & Beyond, Bassnectar, STS9, and many more. Tickets are available here.


Q: What inspired the named LOUDPVCK?
Kenny: We sold, smoked, bought a lot of marijuana and marijuana products, together whenever we were in college.

Ryan: We smoked a lot

Kenny: The first things we thought of was all funny weed shit, at first it was never the intentions to blow up and become DJ’s. It was just lets make a funny name for our music, and LOUDPVCK was one of the first names that came up.

Ryan: It’s kinda a double entendre too now, our music is loud and crazy, there’s two of us. It works.

Kenny: It’s a slang term, like your friends will know what it means and your mom might not, and we kinda liked the subtlety of that.

Q: How would you describe your music to people who have never heard it before?

Ryan: Like a crazy party with all your friends, that’s the vibe we’re going for.

Kenny: It’s really hard to chill to our stuff it’s either balls to the wall or nothing.

Ryan: We’re at the best party of the year, that’s the vibe.

Q: You both attended Berklee College of Music how did you two meet?

Ryan: Kinda the same as the story of LOUDPVCK. We were at a weed dealer’s house and Kenny was the first person I met.

Kenny: I was looking for a lighter on my 2nd or 3rd day of college, and I met this kid in my dorm who had a lighter, and I was like yo do you know where to get weed. And he took me down the street to this kid’s house and Ryan was sitting on the step and he knew Ryan.

Ryan: And I was like you want to come hit my bong, I had a bong and I didn’t know any other kids who had a bong. And then all these kids came over and hit my bong and the rest is history.

Kenny: We were just boys from then on

Ryan: Pretty much every answer is like.. smoking weed. *laughs*

Kenny: I know *laughs*

Q: Do you have a ritual before you guys go on?

Kenny: We don’t smoke before we play. Two hours before.

Ryan: Yeah we don’t smoke before we play. I like to have a couple drinks but it’s just so different when you’re high.

Ryan: Like kids will pass us blunts on stage and we always accept those cause it’s such a cool gesture when a kid hands you weed.

Kenny: Last night we had blunts going back and forth between the booth and the audience; they would pass us a blunt, we would hit it, bring it back to some other kids, then take their blunt, bring it to those kids

Q: What’s your favorite part of performing?

Ryan: Shittttt *stumped*

Kenny: At this point for us..

Ryan: Playing new songs.

Kenny: Yeah, trying out new music for us is most fun and seeing reactions. Cause it used to be, like every single show was such a different experience, and now we’ve kinda come into a script and more of a routine, you know what I mean? We know what LOUDPVCK is here to do at every given set. (instead of like, were not figuring it out anymore.) We have our voice, our sets feel a certain way. So now for us it’s just the changing it up. Every time we put new shit, new songs we made, new songs from our homies no one knows, were bugging out usually harder then the kids are. You’ll see us tonight, like there’s certain songs that we’re way more psyched than anybody else. Swear to god.

Ryan: I think we both enjoy the process of crafting our set a lot too now, and spend a lot more time making little transitions and mixes, like little idiosyncrasies that maybe the kids won’t hear, but we look at each other every night like ‘oh my god that worked perfectly’, you know? That’s the kind of stuff that I think we’re doing way more of now.

Q: If you could work with any artist who would it be?

Kenny: Were knockin em off honestly, like if you asked us that two years ago, a lot of the people we worked with up till now would have been on the list. I could have never told you that we had a Zeds Dead collab, Major Lazer official remix, like all these things we would have never guessed. So I think slowly we hit all those goals.

Ryan: Now there like slightly bigger.

Kenny: If you asked us at the beginning of LOUDPVCK who our biggest mentors were, biggest guys we wanted to me, we’ve come across every single one of them. And either listened to tunes together or played each others tunes or something. I’m happy to say that we’ve hit a lot of our collab goals.

Ryan: Right now that we haven’t, ultimate dream would be like Flume, Knife Party, Daft Punk, Oliver.

Kenny: (In regards to Oliver…) They’re a duo, they’re really tight.

Ryan: Their fucking amazing… (back to listing artist) Drake… that pretty much covers the spectrum.


Interview by: Erielle Gabay (Reviewer)

IG: @MissJewBooty
TWT: @ErielleGabay


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