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Kaskade’s Scalper-Proof Show In Austin Sells Out In Minutes


Kaskade’s Scalper-Proof Show In Austin Sells Out In Minutes

There’s nothing worse than wanting to see your favorite artist, band, or sports team play and having to pay above face value for the experience because some scalper took the ticket off the market only to re-sell it to YOU, “the actual consumer”. We’re all guilty of giving into to the game at least once and paid the premium price because of how badly we wanted to attend an event, but hopefully with what Kaskade did with his REDUX TOUR ticket sales, scalpers will have less opportunities to make money off of highly sought after events in the future.

The REDUX TOUR, where there will be no cameras or phones allowed in any venue, was intended for smaller and more intimate settings by Kaskade’s request. The tickets for the Texas dates went on sale yesterday at 12pm CST and were sold out in less than 15 minutes at Austin edm staple, Kingdom, which will take place on Thursday, Nov. 9th. There was a special clause that Kaskade’s management enforced in buying these tickets though.

They are requiring that your name must be on the ticket that was purchased, or you will not be allowed in. This was done to eliminate scalpers from the equation, and we should all agree with this practice even if you happened to get left out and were even willing to pay the scalpers premium price. If you were that big of a fan, you would’ve known how rare the tickets were and would’ve purchased them as soon as they went on sale to begin with. Real Talk.

Even hours before the tickets went on sale, RealMusic Events and Kingdom owner, Andrew Parsons, noticed tickets posted for resale via stating specific rows and seats that were available through the site. You might find that kind of funny if you’ve ever been to Kingdom, because every ticket to every show there is General Admission. This just goes to show you that even though tickets hadn’t been release for sale yet, there were still scalpers and sites out there misinforming the consumer about available tickets.

The only better seat than General Admission is in the DJ booth taking selfies with the Kaskade, but not even flashing and punching the security guard at Kingdom will be able to get you back there. I seent it.

If you weren’t able to get tickets to the Kingdom show, many Kaskade fans out there are also feeling your pain. The Dallas show at It’ll Do, also sold out in minutes, and at this moment, only 2 dates on the tour still have tickets available which are at Jekyll on 10/14 in Cincinnati, OH and a location and date yet to be determined in New York City.

Although some fans will be missing out, this is actually the way I’d rather see things moving forward for at least the shows that are projected to sell out. It’s something that might take some time for promoters to work out the kinks on and for the consumer to get used to as well, but it would definitely help eliminate scalpers making profits off of fans that could be using that extra money at the venue or on artist merchandise instead, which would both help the core of the scene more than putting money in scalpers pockets.

Scalping has always been a practice frowned upon in the entertainment industry, because it takes money out of the hands of the fans, the artists, and even the promoters, and Kaskade is definitely helping make strides towards the next phase of future ticket sales… Hopefully

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