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LOCAL INTERVIEW: Stonewall Klaxon


LOCAL INTERVIEW: Stonewall Klaxon

Up and coming Austin based Producer Stonewall Klaxon (real name David Lunson) is hitting the streets for SXSW. We got the chance to sit down with Stonewall to hear a little bit about his upcoming endeavors, new songs, and SXSW showcases planned for this following week.

So far Stonewall is starting the year off right, releasing his newest track “Limes” feat. Kayoh earlier in 2016. The song that is sure to be a hit, begins with a cheerful melody then soon hits a hard and unexpected bass line, as the song transforms from a light and happy piano build up to a sudden heavy erratic drop. It’s clear, “Limes” is one of the best Future Bass tracks out so far this year. Some of his other raved about tracks are “Genji Armor” that was featured by Porter Robinson at Lights All Night, and his remix of Circa Survive “Stop The F*cking Car” which was recently played out by Adventure Club. “Genji Armor” has a really steady bass over atmospheric or euphoric sounds, and his Circa Survive remix follows the same motif, the lyrics accompanied by his fusion of bass and synth gives off that dreamscape vibe. 

It’s obvious David is breaking genre barriers, with his heavy synth and Future Bass/Trap sound. Incorporating wavelike melodies, Stonewall has created a unique sound of its own. When it comes to trying to categorize his music, he makes it quite difficult. We asked him about the pseudonym “Stonewall Klaxon” he explained that Klaxon means “loud sound” which is something that is evident when it comes to his music. Just barely getting started in his musical career, David is already making a name for himself. It’s safe to say we can be expecting to see a lot more of Stonewall and his music out there in the near future.

With the music portion of SXSW around the corner Stonewall has some unofficial showcases coming up around Austin. Kicking off the start of SXSW Saturday, March, 3rd Stonewall is performing at Spider House Cafe and Ballroom presented by University Hype. On Wednesday, March 16th earlier in the evening at The Library he will be joining Crichy Crich, Logun, J-Clark, and more for South By So Yucky. Later that night he’ll be playing at the South By So Future Showcase presented by Lux. On Thursday, March 17th Haze College presents Haze House at Amped for St. Patrick’s Day. Stonewall will be performing with artist like Riot Ten, Prismo, Sign Offline, and many others.

You can find more tracks on his Soundcloud. Be sure to follow Stonewall on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get updates on new music and coming shows.




Q: How did you get into DJing and EDM initially?

Stonewall: A long time ago I guess, I started with hip hop and started listening to dance in like 2005, Daft Punk really started it our for me. Here I am now still doing that and it’s been a long time.

Q: What inspired the name?

Stonewall: I was actually trying to come up with a rap name with my friends, we were trying to do like a rap group. We had a couple songs and it just kinda came out one day, and I was like I like that. Klaxon is like a loud sound, like an alarm beacon.

Q: With the mixing and new genres emerging, how would you describe your music?

Stonewall: I guess they are calling it Future Bass, I saw that as the new big thing last year or the year before that. I guess it’s still kinda going that way.

Q: Any vocalist or DJ you would like to collaborate with?

Stonewall: So many for sure! Ones that I probably will not collaborate with, but right now I’m working with local people their all amazing people. I would love to make music with Skrillex, he and I are very close in age. He is like a week younger than I am or something. I look up to him a lot I would love to work with him. Locally I’d like to work with (Chris Marshall) Crizzly, he makes kinda trap steppy stuff and I think it would be sick if we could get the Future Bass sound in there as well.

Q: What can fans expect going into a Stonewall show?

Stonewall: Trap and Future Bass and my smiling face.

Q: Favorite performance so far (and why)?

Stonewall: My favorite concert has to be this past New Year’s Eve, where Porter Robinson played my track ‘Genji Armor’ at Lights All Night. That shit was fucking magical. However, I was completely inspired by skrill’s performance at Electric Forest to make that track, so shit goes hand in hand.

Q: What are your immediate music career goals?

Stonewall: I’m in the first year of my five year plan. My old career goals were to get large premiers from or This Sound is Sick, and people like that. I started getting those, and then I wanted to get signed by a label. So after I did that I was like I need a five year plan. My immediate goals are just to try and get close to a Top 100 Billboard hit, whatever genre, probably electronic music. Then I don’t know buy a house with the money I make.


Interview by: Erielle Gabay (Reviewer)

IG: @MissJewBooty
TWT: @ErielleGabay

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