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INTERVIEW: Destructo’s Ship2Ship Tour Hits Austin Tonight at Kingdom


INTERVIEW: Destructo’s Ship2Ship Tour Hits Austin Tonight at Kingdom


We recently got to catch up with Gary Richards aka Destructo and CEO of Hard Events. In this interview we covered topics on the current state of the GHouse movement, how the industry has changed from the mid 90’s rave culture to today, if there will be any future hard events in Texas and some tips for upcoming producers from the man himself.

We were able to get local producer, Brett Stovall aka GunFight, to conduct to the interview for us and will continue to get local Austin producers involved in future interviews as well. You can peep GunFight’s new Alpha EP that was just released earlier this week below.

Destructo will be performing tonight at Kingdom alongside Justin Martin and up and comer Rezz for his Ship2Ship tour. Definitely a show we’ve been looking forward to. Check back with us next week for our follow-up photo gallery of the show.



Q: When did the g house music movement officially start and where do you see the future of the genre going in 2016?

DESTRUCTO: People have been blending electronic and hip hop for a long long time. If people continue to make solid songs, then it will continue to grow.


Q: You used to be involved in the industry back in the rave culture days. Since coming back and developing Hard events what has changed in the industry and what has stayed the same?

DESTRUCTO: The internet changed everything. Good music still wins every time.


Q: We noticed Hard events series in California and Colorado. Will Texas be getting more Hard Event Shows or possibly music festivals?

DESTRUCTO: Yes, for sure. We did a show in Dallas at Southside Ballroom. It was a blast.


Q: When writing the song ‘Techno’ is that a sign that you are moving on from Ghouse and wanting to write more tunes in the general direction of Techno?

DESTRUCTO: Nah. I just always wanted to use the line from Eminem, and it just came out that way at 112 of all tempos.


Q: If you could collab with any producer in the game right now who would it be?

DESTRUCTO: My man, Wax Motif. We are already on it.


Q: Who have been your main musical influences and inspirations?

DESTRUCTO: Dr Dre, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk


Q: If you were to give any tips on upcoming producers/artists what would that be?

DESTRUCTO: Be yourself, everyone else is taken.


Interview by: Brett Stovall


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