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Gorillaz – The Fall (2011)

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Gorillaz – The Fall (2011)

When listening to The Fall, give it a cushion. It’s a road-rendered album, recorded completely on Damon Albarn’s ipad during the Gorillaz’ 2010 tour. Its appropriately quiet release is a telling indication of its content. While several tracks sound precisely as though Albarn was larking around with a new toy, the bright spots (‘Revolving Doors’, ‘Shy-town’, ‘Amarillo’) on this obviously experimental album make it worth a listen. Not even the most forgiving, open-minded Gorillaz apologists would argue with the assertion that several tracks consist entirely of noise for noise’s sake, but the few diamonds make the rough worth sifting through.

By: Meast Shweesterton

Rating: 5.0 of 10

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