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Bowling For Soup “Fishing For Woos” on U.S. Spring Tour


Bowling For Soup “Fishing For Woos” on U.S. Spring Tour

Fresh off the boat returning from the U.K comes the quirky & musically talented Pop Punk group of four out of Dallas, Texas. They brought you hits like “High School Never Ends” & “1985” I’m talking about the band none other than BOWLING FOR SOUP.

The band is now back in the U.S. kicking off their first shows of 2012, which started on April 18 in Lawrence, KS and culminates in their hometown, Dallas, on May 5.

Before stopping in Dallas, the band will also be melting our faces off here in Austin, TX on May 3 with PATENT PENDING, FRESHMAN 15, and SANDLOT HEROES in support. Tickets are on sale now!!!

The band is currently on the road in support of their latest album, Fishing For Woos, which features fan favorites “S-S-S-Saturday Night” and “Turbulence”. Feel free to snag your copy of the new album on ITunes and at all major retailers.

DON’T YOU DARE miss out on one of pop punks most beloved bands live this spring!

Interview with Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup

ATXMM: How did the band come up with the idea for making the album called “Bowling for Soup Goes to the Movies”? a compilation album of cover songs and contributions to movie soundtracks.

Reddick: Basically, we had just come off touring for a little over two years and were taking a break before jumping into the next album…We had all of these songs we had done for film and TV, some released and some not, laying around in a huge scattered pile that we thought our fans might want to hear…So that’s it…We put it all together and you get Goes To the Movies…

ATXMM: Being that you were on VH1’s “I Love the ‘90s: Part Deux” I have to ask. What is the one thing you guys miss most from the 90’s?

Reddick: Definitely not college! I do wish my red flannel shirt was more accepted…It is super comfy….

ATXMM: I read that the song “1985” was in fact given to you by SR-71’s lead singer Mitch Allan. How did this happen and were you all aware that it was going to end up being one of your biggest hits?!

Reddick: It is actually not quite that simple of a story…But yes…Mitch and SR-71 had a version of the song they released in Japan…We were finishing up our newest album at the time and Mitch called me and said, “you gotta do this song”…He was cool enough to let me have my way with it lyrically and arrangement wise, and the song became our lead single on that album….I would have never predicted it to be so big…But I am glad it was!

ATXMM: Your videos have a reputation for being funny. Do you guys come up with your own concept for your videos?

Reddick: Absolutely…We are 100 percent involved in everything we do creatively…
ATXMM: Also, on some of the videos you guys have. you feature previous songs of yours as an introduction for the video. Why is that?

Reddick: It started after “the Bitch Song”…We used the same director for our follow up single Girl all the Bad Guys want and needed an opening scene to show on a TV at the opening of the video…After we did that one, we thought it was kind of a nice touch to revisit previous videos within newer videos….Man…I am confused!

ATXMM: You guys just got done touring in the UK… Any memorable shows or events that happened out there?

Reddick: Always a blast in the UK…This was our third anual acoustic tour…And my favorite to date….The fans there are special…

ATXMM: To an older fan of Bowling for Soup, how would you compare the new “Fishin’ For Woos” album to your older stuff?

Reddick: Actually, for the older fan, it will feel like you never stopped listening….It is very much remnicent of Drunk Enough to Dance or Hangover….

ATXMM: Any shout outs you want to give in Austin? Any specific people/venues? Any standout memories from a previous show in Austin?

Reddick: I love Austin….We were set to move there a few years back, but decided to stay put….When we recorded Sorry For PArtyin a few years back, we ate at Kerbey Lane every day and finished out nights at a place called Aussie’s….Both were near the studio and the hotel respectively, and we are creatures of habbit… I always go get a beer at the Blind Pig when I am in town, and of course, the PArish is our favorite place to play these days…. So many good times in Austin in the past…Nice I actually rememeber a few!!

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