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  • Driver Friendly (Austin, TX)

    Driver Friendly (Austin, TX)

    Three years after the release of their successful debut full length, Chase the White Whale, Driver Friendly knew something had to change. The music industry was shifting, their lives were headed in separate directions, the future of the band was in question. The band was at a crossroads: call it quits after nine years of making music together or do something drastic. The answer was a retreat to a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. A place where they could create […]

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  • Drunkin Punkin Idiots (San Diego, CA)

    Drunkin Punkin Idiots (San Diego, CA)

    It was early 2003 in Ocean Beach, a beach community in San Diego, CA. Mike and James were working at a local surf/skate shop. The days working in the shop consisted of blasting old punk rock and selling the commercial bullshit dream. One day a friend, drummer and skater Toby rolled in to the shop and said he was going to start a punk band of the early 80’s hardcore vein. Mike, who sang before in a band on the […]

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    Jan-Mar 2011 Releases by ATX Music Mag 2nd Issue Tracks (Apr-Jun 2011) by ATX Music Mag 3rd Issue Tracks (Jul-Aug 2011) by ATX Music Mag 4th Issue Releases – (September 2011) by ATX Music Mag

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  • No Champions (Austin, TX)

    No Champions (Austin, TX)

    Austin’s No Champions are a gritty but clever punk rock four-piece that trace their beginnings back to 2009. Their involvement in bands and the punk scene goes back many years prior however, as the members were involved in Air Tight Alibi, Mansfield, The Heymaker three and Firekills. The band takes its name from a run-down effort of many tireless attempts to break into the music scene, hence why they chose No Champions. Their first album, Ape Shit, comes with an […]

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  • Mobley (Austin, TX)

    Mobley (Austin, TX)

    Originally founded in North Carolina by lead singer and songwriter Anthony Watkins II and later joined by bassist Tim Shelburne Jr., and drummer Sergio Trejos, Mobley took its current shape during the summer of 2008. A cross-country move and seven months of practice and preparation later, they’re hard at work trying to prove themselves as one of Austin’s most promising young bands. The songs draw from a wealth of influences, often tied together with only as much thread as is […]

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  • Holiday (Austin, TX)

    Holiday (Austin, TX)

    Fresh new sound out of Austin, TX. Their influences range from Rock, Pop, to Tropicalia. It’s hard to fit them into a specific genre. Very unique. Same vein as The Strokes, but with a lil’ bubbly spice to go along with it. They are about to drop their first album in Spring of 2011 with local Austin label, Township Records. www.townshiprecords.net They will also be playing the ATX Music Mag INDIE FEST at Headhunters Club at 6pm! Holiday by ATX […]

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  • Happy Hour (Austin, TX)

    Happy Hour (Austin, TX)

    Happy Hour formed in 1997, with the sole purpose of playing original street punk music. Their first show was in McAllen, Texas, at the X-games. Happy Hour’s style of music is better known by people who enjoy a good beer, authenticity, blasphemy, and great anarchy tacos!! Their perception is simple, they play the way they feel, as long as it’s LOUD, FUN, and RUDE. “Screw that pretty boy crap,” says Javier (frontman of HH). After the band took a two […]

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  • Isle of White (Austin, TX)

    Isle of White (Austin, TX)

    Formed in 2009 by Daniel Stone and Lance Alexander. The duo recorded a set of 6 songs at Big Orange Studios with TV Torso’s Matt Oliver at the helm. Having known each other since childhood, the two are keenly aware of each other’s musical sensibilities. The session produced songs such as the bouncy “Jen Young” and spacious “Won’t You Tell Me?”, which encapsulated the duo’s sense for hard hitting melody. Stone performed under the name Isle of White for the […]

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  • Jonny Castle (San Diego, CA)

    Jonny Castle (San Diego, CA)

    Jonny Castle officially started out in February of 2010, with a sound chemistry that’s been brewing since 2005. It started with three good friends who were playing in solid bands at the time and who all liked Screeching Weasel: Brendon (Screamin’ YeeHaws), Joshy (The Wastrels), Jesse (Pounding Beers/Weapon of Man’s Destruction). Oddly to the trio, not many had heard of Screeching Weasel in San Diego, CA, so they started the tribute band to Screeching Weasel, “The Milli Vanillis”. Why Milli […]

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  • The Quitters (Las Vegas, NV)

    The Quitters (Las Vegas, NV)

    The Quitters met and formed in high school, and just like any other high school band, they sucked.  After six years and over 200 shows, they’ve managed to minimally reduce their amount of sucking by 13 percent. Las Vegas is their home, and no, they don’t live in hotels — even when they’re on the road.  The Quitters have toured the great western states and made huge impacts in towns like Fresno, Calif., Medford, Ore., Bremerton, Wash., and Pocatello, Idaho.  […]

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