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  • Vinyl Dharma (Austin, TX)

    Vinyl Dharma (Austin, TX)

    From meager means to mounting momentum, the past 3 years have spelled nothing but progress for Austin-outfit Vinyl Dharma. The band’s knack for pouring layered electronica atop sultry vocals – presented by lead singer Johnny Dharma – amounts to an epic live show of pulsing, dance-inducing electronica. Outfitted with a strong array of ringers, such as “Our Big Escape,” “London,” “Alone we Sleep,” and “The Bottom of the Sea,” the band’s launch from idyllic South Texas to coveted main stages […]

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  • Dancinatra (Austin, TX)

    Dancinatra (Austin, TX)

    Dreamwave act Dancinatra, comprised of Texas natives Jesus Salinas and Michael Gonzalez, came to life in the winter of 2008, the year the duo relocated to Austin, TX. Though self-proclaimed progressive/experimental, the duo have established a sound that is guaranteed to keep your body moving and seduce your mind into synthetic joy and dreamy feeling. With two EP’s under their belts and up for free download on SoundCloud, the duo is currently working on their first full length album. Be […]

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  • Driver Friendly (Austin, TX)

    Driver Friendly (Austin, TX)

    Three years after the release of their successful debut full length, Chase the White Whale, Driver Friendly knew something had to change. The music industry was shifting, their lives were headed in separate directions, the future of the band was in question. The band was at a crossroads: call it quits after nine years of making music together or do something drastic. The answer was a retreat to a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. A place where they could create […]

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  • Los Loco Locals (South Padre Island, TX)

    Los Loco Locals (South Padre Island, TX)

    Out of sunny South Padre Island, TX are Los Loco Locals who possess a sound that is a fine blend of dub reggae, surf rock, and punk. Their upbeat, in-your-face stage presence and wide range of sound are capable of setting the mood for anything from the drink you order after work to the bar fight that ensues a couple of hours later. After forming in the fall of 2008 they began to entertain, and occasionally terrorize, audiences throughout the […]

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  • Sour Bridges (Austin, TX)

    Sour Bridges (Austin, TX)

    Sour Bridges are an indie-folk/rock band. Born in south Austin, TX in the year of 2009; the band has taken an old time country feel to a next level. With roots from all over the country, Sour Bridges has an interesting combination of Texas folk, Appalachian bluegrass, and rock and roll. With five full-time members, each multi-instrumentalists brings a wide variety of character and prowess to the table. The fiddle, banjo, mandolin combination is the perfect accompaniment to a rustic […]

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  • Drunkin Punkin Idiots (San Diego, CA)

    Drunkin Punkin Idiots (San Diego, CA)

    It was early 2003 in Ocean Beach, a beach community in San Diego, CA. Mike and James were working at a local surf/skate shop. The days working in the shop consisted of blasting old punk rock and selling the commercial bullshit dream. One day a friend, drummer and skater Toby rolled in to the shop and said he was going to start a punk band of the early 80’s hardcore vein. Mike, who sang before in a band on the […]

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  • The Bombpops (Oceanside, CA)

    The Bombpops (Oceanside, CA)

    Hailing from suburban Oceanside, CA, The Bombpops have proven to be one of Southern California’s hardest working bands. They are strongly influenced by the ‘90s skate punk and Fat Wreck Chords bands like NOFX, Lagwagon, Descendents, and No Use For A Name. Fronted by two girls ripping on guitars and vocals and backed by dudes holding down a strong rhythm section, The Bombpops offer a fresh, honest, in your face delivery of catchy melodic pop punk songs. Formed in early […]

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  • Revenants (Austin, TX)

    Revenants (Austin, TX)

    A “revenant” is defined as one who returns after a lengthy absence or death. Although we haven’t emerged from the grave just yet, most of us certainly have experienced a stretch of nonexistence that has led us to a point of resurrection to our true selves. Each tale is distinctly unique to its individual and therein lies the similarity. Whether our lack be caused by the mourning of a close friend, a jaded past, a dismantled dream, shattered hopes, or […]

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  • The Beat Dolls (Austin, TX)

    The Beat Dolls (Austin, TX)

    The Beat Dolls are an upbeat rock’n’roll band with punk rock influences. By adding a second vocalist for harmonies, Munsey is able to mix her love of rock’n’roll with 1940s female singing groups. The Beat Dolls, including former guitar player and song writer for SAC (turned bass player and songwriter for The Beat Dolls) Ramon, met many roadblocks with an ever changing lineup. Consequently the band played very few shows, which left the founding members feeling frustrated and hopeless and […]

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  • Hands Like Bricks (Los Angeles, CA)

    Hands Like Bricks (Los Angeles, CA)

    Remember when punk rock bands played in basements? Tall boys, best friends, bad lighting, and bands without make-up or hair that impaired their depth perception? This is Hands Like Bricks. A Los Angeles foursome with an idea that punk rock is about best friends having awesome times together, Hands Like Bricks write unpretentious, sing-along anthems that speak to your soul and voice things we can all relate to. With an impressive punk rock pedigree that stretches from New Jersey to […]

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