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  • Album Review: Vinyl Dharma – The Lost Years

    Album Review: Vinyl Dharma – The Lost Years

    It’s hard not to tap your feet or bob your head as soon as you hit the play button on this album. Vinyl Dharma’s The Lost Years is full of energy throughout. What’s even better is that it manages to maintain that energy in different ways. Whether it’s catchy dance tracks, campy rock songs, or edgy electro-fuzz, the album delivers the eclectic sound without ever sounding confused. The album starts with catchy dance tracks including “MDC (Midnight Dance Culture)” & […]

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  • Album Review: The Dirty Panties – I Am A Robot (2013)

    Album Review: The Dirty Panties – I Am A Robot (2013)

    The Dirty Panties! Can you really argue with that? I wish I came up with that name for my band. Anyways, this all female punk rock quartet hails from sunny Las Vegas and has been playing for give or take 10 years. I’m not their biographer, but I can tell you that listening to this album, I Am A Robot, is like hitting on a chick, taking a shot of jager, then getting kicked in the balls. Fucking loved it! […]

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  • Album Review: Bjork – Bastards (2012)

    Album Review: Bjork – Bastards (2012)

    Inspired by the National Geographic to create her previous album entitled “Biophilia”, we give you Bjork. The Icelandic singer and iconic Pop-Artist whose demiurgic expertise amplifies sheer music has come out of the studio with another album to complement her last project. The album, entitled “Bastards” is not your typical post-album remix edition that most “Neolithic-Artists” used to put on the “B” sides of their single albums. The music expressed in this album is so much more than that; that […]

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  • Album Review: Slightly Stoopid – Top of the World (2012)

    Album Review: Slightly Stoopid – Top of the World (2012)

    After a four year hiatus, Slightly Stoopid is back with their new album titled Top of the World. Through a generous 21 tracks, this album features artists like long-time band friend, G. Love, as well as Angela, Don Carlos and former Jurassic 5 member Chali 2na. Setting this album apart from the band’s other projects is a puritan and almost nostalgic approach to 1970’s Reggae. Unlike their last six albums, this was the first to be produced in their own […]

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  • Zeale – Wake Hell or Make Peace EP (2012) | Album Review

    Zeale – Wake Hell or Make Peace EP (2012) | Album Review

    Where to start with this EP? First of all, the title of it is almost as clever as his some of his lyrics. Wake Hell or Make Peace starts off with “Black Mr. Rogers”, which is a pretty catchy tune, then my personal favorite, “Frenemy” is a tribute to all the haters out there. My favorite flow on it goes “Pause, you’re an imposter, it sucks cause you used to be number one on my roster” haha! We all have […]

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  • NOFX – Self/Entitled (2012)

    NOFX – Self/Entitled (2012)

    When I heard NOFX was coming out with a new album, I instantly became anxious; also I found interesting that they were going to release it on September 11th. As I’m listening, I noticed that the album is a very dark one. It starts of with a song “72 hookers”, which clearly refers to what the Jihad assholes think they get in the afterlife; I liked this song as the start of the album. Some other favorites were “Cell Out” […]

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  • Whiskeydick – The Wicked Roots (2012)

    Whiskeydick – The Wicked Roots (2012)

    Outlaw country devotees take note, this is the real deal! The fourth CD offering from this “acoustic” duo (Johnson, lead guitar and Fritz, rhythm guitar and vocals) from Ft. Worth is quite possibly their best yet. Considering the prolific and highly regarded back catalog, “best yet” is no easy feat. Check out youtube videos of the tracks “Drunk As Hell,” “Jim Beam and Me,” and “Wookie Pussy” for examples of previous greatness and fan devotion. The Wicked Roots is the […]

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  • The Dalles – My Own Private White House (2012)

    The Dalles – My Own Private White House (2012)

    First impression, southern flavored indie-rock meets Dire Straits with solid guitar slides and interesting country choruses. “Aint Teaching Me Anything” is the song I tuned into, and it’s a solid southern marinated jam dipped head first into some interesting guitar work. Next up was a track known as “Wanderlust”, and it dispenses some phat drumming, quick snaps and snare hits, while the story evokes a man who is self medicating to escape the complication of a failed romance. The 90’s […]

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  • Holiday – Things Can Be Different (2011)

    Holiday – Things Can Be Different (2011)

    With smooth sounds of rock, pop and tropocalia, it’s hard to place Holiday’s unique sound in a specific genre. The release of their debut album, “Things Can Be Different” off of Austin’s own Township Records has created some great hype. The opening song, “Graciela” is such a lovely track that really sticks. Other tracks such as “She Don’t” and “Come Into My Room” have a more upbeat rhythm that can keep you singing along and on your feet. Don’t miss […]

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  • Face to Face – Laugh Now, Laugh Later (2011)

    Face to Face – Laugh Now, Laugh Later (2011)

    With the return of Face to Face and their new album “Laugh Now, Laugh Later” a big smile is on my face. The first track starts off very rock n’ roll-y but didn’t dig it too much. However, the album kicks major ass from the start of track two and on. The songwriting is very mature lyrically while the riffs are in classic Face to Face fashion. You will be surprised to hear some killer solos in this album as […]

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