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Borgore at Vulcan on Pace to Sell Out

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Borgore at Vulcan on Pace to Sell Out

Only a few hours left til the Dark Lord of Bass graces us with his presence at Vulcan Gas Company on Austin’s historic 6th Street. Last show we covered was at The Marc in San Marcos 3 years ago and if tonight is even a hint of what he provided that night, everyone is in for a treat.

Although it’s going to be in the 40’s, everyone should be expecting a flash mob of booty shorts twerking on the dance floor regardless. And if your girlfriend happens to be one of them, give her a break… It’s Borgore and should be expected hehe.

The last Borgore show we covered, we were fortunate to get an interview and might just happen again tonight… We never know… Follow ATX Music Mag’s Instagram and Facebook to stay updated. You can check out our previous interview below.

In order to grab yourself a last minute ticket, visit their Eventbrite page HERE. We heard there are only 75 left, so if you’re waiting to buy one at the door, it’ll probably be too late.

Openers: Madhatter, C4, N. Human, JAGS

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