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Beer, Pizza, Music, & a Quick Chat w/ WORKAHOLICS


Beer, Pizza, Music, & a Quick Chat w/ WORKAHOLICS

Their most anticipated season yet, Workaholics Season 3 premieres May 29th at 9:30 p.m. CT on Comedy Central. When they are not filming, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson and Kyle Newacheck are out having a blast and hosting parties just like they did during their free House Party at South By South West at Icenhauers.

Having more than 10,000 RSVP’s, we inevitably had a hard time getting into this shindig, but after speaking to the right people we finally entered and received an invitation to interview the crazy cast.

Our first interview with Anders and Kyle was unexpected but that is what made it exciting. Kyle, one of the creators and fourth amigo (lazy drug dealer) in the series is not as well known as the rest of the cast. This confused me and I had to be reminded by asking for his name (embarrassing), but he was cool enough not to put me on the spot.

Not only did this house party include the cast but also games and an outdoor stage with performances by bands including: Reptar, Youngblood Hawke, Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs, Cool Kids, Trash Talk and Wavves, among others. The Wizard Crew even performed, but unfortunately we were unable to catch them. Regardless, we were sitll able to hangout back stage with Curren$y, Adam, & Blake after the first interview.

After pouring down a couple of brews with Adam and Blake & munching down on some Austin’s Pizza, we decided to interview them along with Lee Spielman (Lead singer of Trash Talk). By this time, we all had a little too much fun at the party. Nonetheless it was, as they say…………………………..


Interview w/ Workaholics & Lee Spielman of Trash Talk

Their Take on ATX and Their SXSW House Party:

Anders: “We’re throwin’ it down in major ways. We’re going hard in the paint. We’re just trying to have a good time and fortunately, we have our own party that we can host. It’s been pretty nuts.”

Adam: “Pizza and Beer! Booze plus balls!”

Blake: “It makes me feel really drunk.”

Adam: “Everything they’ve been giving me makes me feel nauseous.”

Blake: “We’re always drunk.”

Lee: “I might throw up right now.”

How They Felt About 300+ Fans Waiting Outside Their Party @ Icenhauer’s:

Kyle: “I mean, on real levels, it’s very weird.”

Anders: “Yeah, it’s a weird signal, you know. No, it’s a f**kin’ honor! It really is you know. We put some hours in and then you got people coming and they like what you do.”

Kyle: “That’s what’s really cool. Just seeing everybody that loves the show, it’s work, it’s good.”

Adam: “True, true, thanks for coming out. Thanks for supporting and thanks for waiting in line for like f**king four hours. It’s insane!”

Blake: “Yeah, it was a crazy turnout. I think everybody’s just here to see Trash Talk.”

Adam: “Ninety percent Trash Talk.”

Lee: “There’s one million people here to see us!!”

Blake: “We’re really honored to be here with this guy [Lee]”

What They Thought of “Trash Talks” set at Icenhauer’s:

Adam: “Lee almost got our whole party shut down because he f**king rocked so f**king hard.”

Lee: “I don’t know man. I didn’t do anything, it was all the kids. Always blame it on someone else.”

Blake: “That’s it, it wasn’t us, it wasn’t us.”

Their Take on the New 3rd Season:

Anders: “More of the same, except dumber right?”

Kyle: “Yeah, I think we got a little dumber this year.”

Anders: “Downhill as far as depending how fast I go. Its just going to be a ‘Shotgun Blast’, as Adam would say.”

Kyle: “It’s a Shotgun Blast of comedy. Be ready for it. We got a lot of stunts and a lot of new toys. We meet some of the dude’s families, which is really cool. I’m really excited to see where these guys are from. You know what I mean?”

Adam: “[New Season Drops] May 29th! June 6th, new dvd!!”

Last Shout Out:

Anders: “Clap, it’s like Carl Weathers, you know what I’m talking about. Peace out boys!”

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