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Album Review: Vinyl Dharma – The Lost Years

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Album Review: Vinyl Dharma – The Lost Years

It’s hard not to tap your feet or bob your head as soon as you hit the play button on this album. Vinyl Dharma’s The Lost Years is full of energy throughout. What’s even better is that it manages to maintain that energy in different ways. Whether it’s catchy dance tracks, campy rock songs, or edgy electro-fuzz, the album delivers the eclectic sound without ever sounding confused.

The album starts with catchy dance tracks including “MDC (Midnight Dance Culture)” & “Light Me Up” which set the energy tone for the album. A few tracks later, they nail it with “Sleep Under Cover” which is what I would call their single and most marketable mainstream track and then proceeds with “Radio Flyer”, a spacey/atmospheric track provides a break in the dancing but somehow manages to keep all the energy. The title track “The Lost Years” (arguably the album’s best track) is a pop-rock track with a catchy hook and enough emotion to elicit some serious nostalgia. The album closes with the odd-couple of the aggressive electro-rock track “Heal” and the blissful outro “Underground”.

Overall, The Lost Years is a very solid, well-rounded album. All the way through, the thundering basslines and rhythmic drumming provide a great foundation for the synths/guitars to explore a variety of musical landscapes. If you enjoy tapping your foot or bobbing your head to good tunes, you will probably play this album on repeat.

Writer: Roman De la Garza



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